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Family history is in our DNA

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What people are saying

“ an African American, you don’t always have the luxury to know exactly where your ancestors are from....It’s fascinating!”

- Los Angeles Times, April 27, 2013

Vanessa Williams

actor, singer, dancer, and author

Vanessa Williams

actor, singer, dancer, and author

Read more about Vanessa Williams’ family history experience

“I am so happy
to have taken the DNA test as it solidified my findings and gave us the TRUE ancestry of my family!”

—Robert P.

“I love that you’re
continually perfecting AncestryDNA.”

—Sally J.

“The detail
is fascinating.”

—Samuel R.

“Words can’t express
how much has changed my life and has enlightened me.”

—Felicia M.

“Imagine my surprise
when a DNA match contacted me and started sharing postcards sent between our grandmothers. What was once a dead end on my family tree is now alive and blossoming.”

—Sigmund D.

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Learn about DNA testing.

There are millions of variations in your DNA that make you unique. Since you inherit these variations from your ancestors, they are also what make DNA a powerful family history tool to help you discover connections to your past. Learn more

What makes AncestryDNA so powerful

Covers both sides of your family

It uses some of the latest autosomal testing technology as a more comprehensive way to cover all branches in your tree, not just the maternal or paternal lines.

Analyzes over 700,000 markers

It surveys your entire genome at over 700,000 locations. Other tests, such as a mtDNA and Y-DNA only look at about 50 markers.

Integrated with

It's designed to work together with, the world's largest online family history resource, with billions of historical records, stories and family trees.

A massive DNA collection

We've assembled one of the most comprehensive DNA datasets from around the world to compare to your DNA signature and help determine your ethnicity.

Your DNA results are just the beginning.

Your results can be a great starting point for your family history, or a way to dig even deeper into the research you've already done.

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